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Have you ever stopped to think about how much money is spent on cooling tower water treatment? If your answer is “No,” then it’s time to open your eyes! ECOMax-CT® – Electrolytic CT Water Treatment System is a chemical-free water treatment for cooling towers that dramatically reduces the costs and environmental impact of cooling tower water treatment. Let’s take a look at what this revolutionary system can do for your business. 

How Does Electrolytic CT Water Treatment System Work?

ECOMax-CT® works on the principle of electrolysis of water, reducing up to 80% of blow-down water consumption. For Large Cooling Towers > 2000 m3/hr (> 5000 TR), ECOMax-CT® drastically reduces or eliminates chemical dosing in the cooling tower and reduces scale deposition in the cooling circuit. The water treatment is achieved with low energy consumption. The system has a self-cleaning mechanism to remove deposited scale in the electrolytic reactor online with the help of a scrapper & TDS controller to control the blow-down automatically thereby maintaining the cooling tower water parameters.

Cost Savings Benefits

The ECOMax-CT® – a chemical-free water treatment system for cooling towers will help you save money by reducing costly chemical dosing and eliminating scaling in pipes and equipment. By using an electrolytic process, you will be able to reduce your overall operating expenses by up to 80%. These cost savings can be significant for large businesses that have multiple large cooling towers. Additionally, since this system uses significantly less energy than traditional methods, it also helps reduce electricity costs and helps to achieve your ESG goals.

Environmental Benefits

The ECOMax-CT® – a non-chemical water treatment system for cooling towers also helps reduce environmental impacts associated with traditional methods of cooling tower water treatment. By using less chemicals, there is less potential for contamination or runoff into groundwater or other natural resources. Additionally, this system requires significantly less energy than traditional methods, which helps to achieve Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) goals.


With its cost savings benefits, environmental benefits, and long life expectancy, ECOMax-CT® – a chemical-less water treatment system for cooling towers provides an ideal solution for businesses looking to reduce their operating expenses and water consumption. Whether you are a Plant Maintenance Head, Plant Engineering Manager or Business Owner looking to maximize profits or an environmentally conscious business owner looking to minimize the impact on our planet’s precious resources, investing in this innovative new technology could be one of the best decisions you make.