ECOMax-CT® – Electrolytic CT Water Treatment System

Sustainable and Chemical-less Water Treatment Solution

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Water Treated, Water Saved

ECOMax-CT® – Electrolytic CT Water Treatment System is a chemical free water treatment for cooling towers and it works on the principle of electrolysis of water that reduces upto 80% blow down water consumption.

The process is different from other non chemical water treatment systems and it follows:

The system works in the sidestream of the cooling towers and uses only electricity to treat the circulation water. In the electrolysis process, DC current is passed through Anode and Cathode. At cathode OH- ions are generated, which creates high pH environment at the walls of cathode. This results into precipitation of calcium and magnesium salts present in the water into the electrolytic reactor. Chlorine gas and other oxidants are generated at anode which help reducing bacterial and algae growth in the cooling tower.

Chemical dosing in the cooling towers is drastically reduced/ eliminated. As the scales are removed physically into the electrolytic reactor, it is possible to operate cooling towers at higher levels of TDS/conductivity without the tendency to increase fouling on the heat exchanger surfaces; resulting into reduction of Cooling Tower blow down water consumption.

The system has self cleaning mechanism to remove deposited scale in the electrolytic reactor online with the help of scraper and TDS controller to control the blow down automatically thereby maintaining the cooling tower water parameters.

System also has sidestream media filter to remove suspended solids, it comes with auto-backwash facility.

Product Line

Designed for All-Round Efficiency

ECOMax-CT® – Electrolytic CT Water Treatment System has 2 product sub categories that are specifically designed and manufactured for HVAC – Cooling Towers and Power Plant and Process- Cooling Towers

Continuous evaporation of water and Drift Loss causes increase in CT Sump Water TDS resulting into scale formation and High Blow down to maintain circulation water parameters within limits.


  • Increased Water Wastage
  • High level of Chemical Consumption
  • Replacement of CT Fills periodically
  • Scale is removed from CW water and deposited in the electro-chemical reactor
  • Fully automatic system including reactor cleaning
  • Suitable filter with auto back-wash (optional)
  • Automated blow down from the system
  • No plant shutdown for system installation
  • User Friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Compactness ensures smaller foot print
  • Almost negligible maintenance
  • Green Technology

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Zero Chemical Usage by the system

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Reduces blow down water usage up to 80%

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Green Technology

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Reduces Corrosion in Cooling Circuit and Extends life of Cooling Tower

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Saves Energy in case of ZLD plant

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HVAC – Cooling Towers

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Power Plant – Cooling Towers

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Process- Cooling Towers

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