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Our Role Across Sustainable Industries

Reducing Carbon Footprint Through Sustainable Engineering Solutions

We work towards making earth ‘One Sustainable World’ with lesser carbon footprint for industrial and service sector operators across 3 continents. Our products and solutions have helped various industries with innovative technologies which are sustainable and have positive impact on environment resulting into substantial energy and water savings.

Ecomax Industry Sectors

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Commercial Buildings

District Cooling



Chemical / Petrochemical

Cement & Steel

Captive Power Plants

Oil & Gas



Hospitality industry has heavy usage of water and energy. And with increased technology and usage for system like acclimatization, swimming pool cleaning, preservation and refrigeration etc, efficiency and power saving must come with sustainability and Ecomax becomes your partner to deliver efficient and power saving chiller solutions.


HVAC systems help maintain required temperature and humidity in the pharma manufacturing facilities. With Ecomax products like ECOMax-CT® and ECOMax-CH® – Electrolytic Chilled Water Treatment System, we help pharma industry improve energy efficiency and reduce recurring maintenance costs.

Manufacturing Industries

Manufacturing plants needs robust cooling processes that are energy efficient as well as sustainable. Through the years Ecomax has worked with manufacturing industries providing Energy Efficiency Improvement & Clean Technologies through products like ECOMax-HE® Automatic Tube Cleaning System.

District Cooling

Ecomax cooling system product line is well designed to be used for distributing chilled water to supply air-conditioning or process cooling across buildings, townships, universities, Airports, Malls & Multiplexes etc. The systems are eco friendly with optimized water usage and reduced asset energy consumptions.

Chemical Industries

Chemical, Petrochemicals, Fertilizer industries and refineries need efficient cooling tower operations and cooling systems during chemical reaction to withstand industrial regulations regarding sustainability. Ecomax’s products not only helps make processes sustainable but also lowers down the maintenance cost of cooling towers increasing efficiency and saving costs.


Captive Power Plants & Cogeneration plants use water on a very massive scale and manual tube cleaning is another challenge that utilities sector face. With specially designed products like ECOMax-HE® Automatic Tube Cleaning, and ECOMax-CT® – Electrolytic CT Water Treatment System, power plants can automate tube cleaning and implement smart electrolytic cooling systems to save energy and water consumption on a very large scale.

Commercial Buildings

Commercial buildings can save a lot of maintenance cost and energy consumption by implementing sustainable Chillers and Cooling towers. Ecomax provides cooling systems that prevent fouling, corrosion, and mycobacterial growth that results in decrease maintenance costs and through remote monitoring systems commercial buildings can manage equipment performance with timely alerts, diagnostic reports, etc and save energy and costs in a sustainable manner.

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