ECOMax-CH® – Electrolytic Chilled Water Treatment System

For Closed-Loop Chilled Water Circuits

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Sustainable Solution Through The Power of Electrolysis

ECOMax-CH® – Electrolytic Chilled Water Treatment System treats chilled water in closed loop circuits & reduces / eliminates fouling, corrosion and micro bacterial growth through the process of Electrolysis.

ECOMax-CH® runs process that eliminates the chances of clogging of AHU coils, FCU coils, filters and pipes in evaporator circuit prohibiting causing malfunctioning of Valves and other devices.

ECOMax-CH® uses electrolysis principle to reduce/avoid micro bacterial activity in the closed circuit by way of generating free chlorine along with other oxidants. Corrosion in the closed loop chilled water circuit is reduced drastically as ECOMax-CH® maintains slightly alkaline pH in the closed loop chilled water circuit.

As ECOMax-CH® has high efficiency filtering system to remove the suspended particles; it provides excellent water treatment that maintains closed circuits free of sludge thereby improve the overall efficiency of closed loop chilled water circuits.

Since chilled water systems are closed loop, because of the lower temperatures there is a very high possibility of microbial growth. Sulphur Reducing Bacteria (SRB) tend to grow just below the surface where chilled water is in contact with the pipes. This microbial growth may result into corrosion of the chilled water pipes.

The After Effects On Chilled water system

  • Reduces Cooling Efficiency
  • Corrosion of chilled water pipes
  • Increased O & M
ECOMax-CH® – Electrolytic Chilled Water Treatment System
  • Chemical-free treatment system for closed-loop chilled water circuit
  • Fully automatic, uses a PLC controller to control the operations
  • Continuously cleans the closed-loop chilled water
  • Automatic Self-cleaning filter to remove the suspended particles in the chilled water
  • Very low operating and maintenance cost
  • Designed to have longer equipment life
  • Green Technology

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Avoids micro-bacterial growth

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Reduces corrosion in the chilled water circuit

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Avoids chemical dosing for chilled water circuit

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Reduces operation and maintenance cost

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Commercial Buildings

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Pharmaceutical Industries

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