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Success Across Sectors Reducing Carbon Footprint

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Delve into how we have made our clients sustainable through our products that enabled Energy Efficiency and Water Savings across sectors.

Our aim is to make our clients partner in sustainable development and reduce carbon footprint by implementing innovative solutions to have positive impact on environment resulting into substantial energy and water savings.

ECOMax-HE® Automatic Tube Cleaning System

Ecomax Solutions for Pharma Sector to save water

Pharma industry improves bottom line with ECOMax-HE®

A leading pharma company near Mumbai saves over 600,000 kWh since 2014 & gets rid of manual descaling of condenser tubes by implementing ECOMax-HE®

Ecomax Solutions for Banking Sector to save water

A leading bank reduces OPEX with ECOMax-HE®

Headquarter building of a renowned bank cuts down its OPEX by saving 10% on chiller energy consumption and reducing O & M costs

Ecomax Solutions for Hospital Sector to save water

Well known hospital improves bottomline with ECOMax-HE®

ECOMax-HE® installed at a renowned hospital in 2014, helped them to recover it’s investment within 15 months by way of substantial energy savings

Ecomax Solutions for Pharmaceutical Industries to save water

Pharma Industry saves substantial energy with ECOMax-HE®

An international pharma group company saves 12% on chiller energy consumption, appreciates excellent and reliable performance of ECOMax-HE®

Ecomax Solutions for Manufacturing Industries to save water

Leading manufacturer of products saves operating cost with ECOMax-HE®

Printing Solutions manufacturer goes green with ECOMax-HE® & benefits by way of energy savings since 2014

Ecomax Solutions for Hospitality Industries to save water

A renowned brand in the hospitality industry improves bottomline with ECOMax-HE®

TAJ group of hotels save substantial energy, reduces carbon foot print & goes green by implementing ECOMax-HE®


ECOMax-CT® Electrolytic CT Water Treatment System

Ecomax Solutions for Beverage Companies to save water

Beverage Industry Saves Water with ECOMax-CT®

World’s leading producer of beverages saves over 500 kL water per annum by implementing ECOMax-CT®, the solution pays off by itself in the form of savings in chemical, water & wastewater treatment cost. It pays to be sustainable.

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Ecomax Solutions for IT Companies to save water

ECOMax-CT® helps a Leading IT Company go Water Neutral…

As a part of its sustainability drive & going water neutral, a global Indian multinational IT company chooses ECOMax-CT® to reduce cooling tower blowdown water consumption.

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Ecomax Solutions for Pharma Companies to save water

Pharma Company saves Water & Energy with ECOMax-CT®

Leading pharma company cuts down its cooling tower blowdown water consumption by over 4500 kL per annum; resulting into substantial energy cost reduction for treating the waste water in ZLD plant & recovers the investment in less than 1 year

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Ecomax Solutions for Pharma Company

ECOMax-CT® saves substantial Water & Energy for a Pharma Company

The Pharma company based in southern part of India achieves around 80% reduction in blowdown water consumption & appreciate excellent performance of ECOMax-CT®

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