ECOMax-RM® – Remote Monitoring

Visualize & Manage Performance, Anticipate Risks, Save Money

Product Overview

Remote Monitoring System for Chiller Performance

Chillers directly contribute to energy costs in HVAC and require monitoring of real-time efficiency to enhance performance. ECOMax-RM® provides in-time alerts to achieve higher efficiency, enhances reliability with diagnostic reports, manages equipment performance & reduces your maintenance cost.

ECOMax-RM® is cloud-based system and executes process that helps you manage equipment performance and reduce costs:

ECOMax-RM® is designed & developed with a user-friendly interface in order to monitor the chiller performance. It continuously monitors and compares chiller efficiency, helping operators to decide on running appropriate chillers, in the best efficient way based on the cooling requirement.

Field sensors sense temperature, flow & energy consumption, and these parameters are continuously stored and processed in the cloud-based software. The web-based application utilizes this data to create trends, reports, and visualization on the dashboard. The dashboard also shows the real-time chiller efficiency meter.

The designed solution is scalable for multiple locations. Multiple users at various locations can simultaneously access & monitor the data.

Monitoring real-time chiller performance offline is a tedious and inefficient task. To improve the performance of the system, real-time monitoring of parameters like chiller efficiency, temperature, flow and energy consumption is necessary.

The Impact

  • Increased Energy and Operations Cost
  • Inaccurate Parameter Analysis
  • Lack of multi user access

Cloud-based real-time measurement of parameters

Multiple user access

Automatic Email Alerts

Informative Dashboards

Detailed Data Generation and Analysis Reports

Compatible with any Building HVAC System and Lower Lifecycle Costs

Substantial Savings In Energy Costs

Reduced Operations & Maintenance Costs

Easy Implementation and Integration

Improved Equipment Performance

Enhance Reliability With Diagnostic Reports

Be Sustainable and Profitable with Real-Time Monitoring

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