ECOMax-HE® Automatic Tube Cleaning System

We are using ECOMax-HE® Automatic Tube Cleaning System from ECOMAX since 2014 on various TRANE make chillers of capacity 300 to 350 TR. It has given us fantastic performance since installation & we achieved energy savings to the tune of 10% which directly resulted into increase in our bottom line and we recovered our investment in less than a year. Apart from energy savings, it resulted into following operational benefits:

  • Improvement in the cooling capacity of chillers
  • Condenser approach is maintained near the post descaling values
  • Compressor is operating at steady pressure
  • No descaling is required & hence avoided harmful cleaning chemicals

We are satisfied with the prompt services provided by team ECOMAX. We recommend using ECOMAX system particularly in the event of condenser fouling.

Director - Engineering & Projects, Emcure Pharmaceuticals Ltd

ECOMax-HE® Automatic Tube Cleaning System was installed in 2015 on our 2x350 TR Chillers since then the system has given us excellent results in terms of clean condenser & energy savings. We observed following benefits from this system:

  • Condenser approach is consistently maintained below 2°C
  • Around 11% energy savings with the payback period of less than 1 year
  • Improved availability of the equipment

We appreciate M/s ECOMAX Solutions Pvt. Ltd., for supplying a Good Quality product at a competitive price, timely delivery & commissioning and after sales service provided by them.

We found their team is highly capable of resolving the technical issues and we are thankful for their support.

Chief Engineer, Zydus Takeda Healthcare Pvt Ltd, Navi Mumbai

We are happy to recommend Ball Type Automatic Tube Cleaning System from M/s ECOMAX Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

We have installed ECOMax-HE® Automatic Tube Cleaning System common for 4x300 TR TRANE make chillers in August 2016 & the same system was further extended to additional 2x300 TR TRANE chillers in September 2017. Since installation the system is performing excellent and exceeded our expectations. We achieved energy saving of around 12% and our investment was recovered in less than 1 year. We haven’t done any manual cleaning or chemical descaling of condenser tubes since installation of ECOMax-HE®.

Their services are timely & prompt, we don’t have any hesitation in recommending team ECOMAX.

Head - Technical Services, Sandoz India Pvt Ltd, (A Novartis Division)

We have installed Automatic Tube Cleaning System on YORK make chillers of capacities varying from 400 to 1000 TR in our Pune campus. Condenser approach temperature / small temperature difference is maintained near the values after chemical descaling, typically below 3°F since installation of the system. Chemical descaling is not required after we installed Ball Type ATCS. The system needs small maintenance of replacing the cleaning balls every 3-4 months.

We recommend considering Automatic Tube Cleaning System from M/s ECOMAX. The services provided by M/s ECOMAX are satisfactory.

Head-Infra, Infosys Limited, Pune Campus

ECOMax-HE® ATCS is operational on our DAIKIN make 1x1300 TR (650 TR + 650 TR) series counter flow chiller & 2x190 TR chillers since October 2018. The system installed is with separate skid for 1x1300 TR Chiller & 2x190 TR Chillers. The performance of ECOMax-HE ATCS has been excellent. We would like to highlight below mentioned specific points:

  • The system was installed on existing chillers
  • Condenser approach temperature is maintained below 2°F
  • We have not carried out manual (Brush/Chemical) descaling activity since commissioning of online tube cleaning system
  • The system needs very little attention, just changing the balls every 3 months
  • It totally avoided shutdown, now we can operate our process continuously

The services of team ECOMAX have been very prompt, we do not hesitate recommending ECOMAX Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Head - Engineering Services, Inductotherm India Pvt Ltd, Ahmedabad

As a part of the recommendation from our HVAC consultant, in order to achieve our goal of energy savings & sustainability, we installed ECOMax-HE® Online Condenser Tube Cleaning System with common skid on CARRIER make 3x700 TR Centrifugal chillers in March 2017.

  • The system was installed on the new chillers as a part of HVAC upgrade
  • Condenser Approach temperature is maintained below 1°C with ECOMax-HE®
  • Descaling of condensers is totally avoided
  • Achieved energy savings, as the condenser tubes are maintained clean on continuous basis

We recommend installing ECOMax-HE® Automatic Tube Cleaning System from M/s ECOMAX Solutions Pvt. Ltd. because of good quality product, timely service and prompt attention.

Engineering Manager, Vestas India, Ahmedabad

We are operating ECOMax-HE® ATCS since Jan 2016 for 100TR water cooled chillers 2 no’s in the utility-8, condenser cleaning is completely eliminated and fouling of condenser not occurred. 200 TR @ 5° and 30TR @ -20° also put into running at the end of FEB 2016 and also running well without trouble. The chiller with ATCS continued to demonstrate significant energy efficiency advantages about 15%.

We would like to express that ECOMax-HE® ATCS from M/s ECOMAX represents a good opportunity to improve our facilities to conserve energy, eliminate costly shutdowns, reduce maintenance costs.

Manager - Energy Conservation & Engineering, Mylan Laboratories Limited

ECOMax-CT®: Electrolytic CT Water Treatment System

We purchased ECOMax-CT® Electrolytic CT Water Treatment System for 1 x 700 TR Utility Cooling Tower in Dec 2018 & thereafter another system was purchased for 1x 500 TR Process Cooling Tower in Nov 2019. We would like to highlight following benefits of the system:

  • In conventional chemical treatment system there was, manual charging of chemicals hence chances of errors like less or more or in some cases no chemical addition leading to irregular chemical dosages. With installation of ECOMax-CT® System, all the chemical dosages are eliminated and hence manual errors are eliminated and its consequences avoided.
  • ECOMax-CT® system is very user friendly, easy to operate and maintain
  • We achieved following benefits:
    • All water treatment chemicals eliminated
    • Hardness and pH of cooling water is maintained continually
    • No algae formation observed after installation of ECOMax-CT® Electrolytic CT Water Treatment System
    • Routine cleaning of cooling tower fills is eliminated and hence lesser downtime of cooling tower
    • Almost 80% reduction in blowdown quantity observed and negligible scaling observed in CT water system
    • TDS @ 900 ppm, Hardness @ 400 ppm, pH @ 7 to 8 is maintained with ECOMax-CT®

ECOMAX service team is kind and readily provides solution at their capacity. It is a best product for CT water treatment.

Manager - Engineering, Zydus Takeda Healthcare Pvt Ltd, Navi Mumbai