ECOMax-CT® is a Chemical Free Water Treatment System for the Cooling Towers.

This cooling tower water treatment system, is different than other non chemical water treatment systems & it works on the principle of electrolysis of water. Water is treated in ECOMax-CT® Electrolytic Reactor and this treatment works in the side steam, without disturbing the main cooling water flow.

Water from the cooling tower sump is pumped through the electrolytic reactor where the electrolysis takes place.

DC current is passed through Anode and Cathode. At cathode OH- ions are generated, which creates high pH environment at the walls of cathode. This results into precipitation of calcium and magnesium salts present in the water into the electrolytic reactor. Chlorine gas is generated at anode which acts as the biocide and avoids bacterial growth and algae formation at the cooling tower.

Chemical dosing in the cooling towers is drastically reduced/ eliminated. As the scales are removed physically into the electrolytic reactor, it is possible to operate cooling towers at higher levels of TDS & conductivity; resulting into reduction of Cooling Tower blow down water consumption.

The system has self cleaning mechanism for online cleaning of deposited scale in the electrolytic reactor and TDS controller to control the blow down automatically thereby maintaining the cooling tower water parameters.

ECOMax-CT® Electrochemical Water Treatment System helps reduce cooling tower maintenance and O & M costs substantially. This unique method results into water saving in cooling towers.

ECOMax-CT® consists of

  • Electrolytic Reactor
  • Anode & Cathode
  • Control Panel with PLC cum HMI
  • DC Power supply
  • Necessary Valves & Fittings
  • Circulation Pump
  • Skid to accommodate above components
  • Self Cleaning Filter (Optional)

ECOMax-CT® Electrolytic CT Water Treatment System has following salient features and offers wide range of benefits:

Salient Features

  • Smaller foot print
  • Minimal Power consumption
  • No moving parts
  • No plant shutdown for system installation
  • Modular construction
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Green Technology


  • Reduces blow down water consumption up to 80%
  • Reduces load on ZLD/ Effluent Treatment Plants
  • Zero Chemicals
  • Avoids algae and micro-bacterial formation
  • Reduces corrosion in the cooling water circuit
  • Extends life of the Cooling Tower
  • Blow down water can be directly used for gardening without any treatment
  • Reduces Water Foot Print
  • Cost effective technology and offers attractive ROI

Treating cooling tower water is essential as there is continuous evaporation of water; the concentration of dissolved solids/ salts increases continuously in the cooling tower basin. This enhances scale formation tendency in the cooling water circuit and cooling tower. Further, because of scaling and algae formation on the cooling tower fills; cooling tower efficiency drops drastically and calls for periodic cleaning and replacement of cooling tower fills.

ECOMax-CT® finds its use cooling towers of wide range of industrial applications:

  • HVAC – Cooling Towers
  • Power Plant – Cooling Towers
  • Process- Cooling Towers

In order to ask for the preliminary pricing information, please drop us an email with following basic information:

  1. - Application
  2. - Capacity of Cooling Tower
  3. - Cooling water flow rate
  4. - Make up water analysis report
  5. - Cooling Tower sump analysis report


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