ECOMax-HE® Automatic Tube Cleaning System


Pharma Industry improves bottom line with ECOMax-HE®

A leading pharma company near Mumbai saves over 600,000 kWh since 2014 & gets rid of manual descaling of condenser tubes by implementing ECOMax-HE®

Pharma Industry saves substantial energy with ECOMax-HE®

An international pharma group company saves 12% on chiller energy consumption, appreciates excellent and reliable performance of ECOMax-HE®

A leading bank reduces OPEX with ECOMax-HE®

Headquarter building of a renowned bank cuts down its OPEX by saving 10% on chiller energy consumption and reducing O & M costs

Leading manufacturer of products saves operating cost with ECOMax-HE®

Printing Solutions manufacturer goes green with ECOMax-HE® & benefits by way of energy savings since 2014

Well known hospital improves bottomline with ECOMax-HE®

ECOMax-HE® installed at a renowned hospital in 2014, helped them to recover it’s investment within 15 months by way of substantial energy savings

A renowned brand in the hospitality industry improves bottomline with ECOMax-HE®

TAJ group of hotels save substantial energy, reduces carbon foot print & goes green by implementing ECOMax-HE®

ECOMax-CT®: Electrolytic CT Water Treatment System


Beverage Industry Saves Water with ECOMax-CT®

World’s leading producer of beverages saves over 500 kL water per annum by implementing ECOMax-CT®, the solution pays off by itself in the form of savings in chemical, water & wastewater treatment cost. It pays to be sustainable.

Pharma Company saves Water & Energy with ECOMax-CT®

Leading pharma company cuts down its cooling tower blowdown water consumption by over 4500 kL per annum; resulting into substantial energy cost reduction for treating the waste water in ZLD plant & recovers the investment in less than 1 year
ECOMax-CT- helps-a-Leading-IT-Company

ECOMax-CT® helps a Leading IT Company go Water Neutral...

As a part of its sustainability drive & going water neutral, a global Indian multinational IT company chooses ECOMax-CT® to reduce cooling tower blowdown water consumption.

ECOMax-CT® saves substantial Water & Energy for a Pharma Company

The Pharma company based in southern part of India achieves around 80% reduction in blowdown water consumption & appreciate excellent performance of ECOMax-CT®